2019 Rates & Information

Prices are subject to change and will be verified at time of booking.

Please note that your companion pet's plan will be customized and your rate may vary from these listed.  There will be additional charges for any travel time beyond 10 miles round trip.  During our in-your-home interview we will discuss the best plan to meet your and your companion pet(s) lifestyle.

      Pet Sitting / Play Visits / Pet Care

         Up to 1/2 hr visit $18.00-$20.00    

   Dog Walking

      Up to 1/2 hr walk with visit $20.00-$22.00   

In special cases (quick let out and/or to administer oral medication) a 5-10 min visit is $10.00 as long as you have at least 1 hr. visit on the same day.  Additional travel time based on mileage will be added.  

      Above charges are for 1 companion pet.
    Each additional pet is up to $10.00 per visit.

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